Quinceañera, Part 4

Many Quinceañeras are celebrated as a religious event, as well as a social event. In many countries, the celebration is started by a special mass or benediction by the Church. Since many Latin countries are traditionally Catholic, the religious aspects of the celebration are often steeped in the rich history of Roman Catholicism.

Usually the Mass and the party are separated by several hours. Since holding the party in the church would be considered sacrilegious and in poor taste the parties are almost never held in the church or on church grounds. Generally speaking, the party is held in a rented hall, as it is not common for someone’s home to be large enough to accommodate anywhere from 50 to 300 guests.

Many of the traditions of the Quinceañera have a religious significance, like that of ceremony of the 15 candles or the traditional crown of flowers (modern day versions are now tiaras). Many prayers are made throughout the celebration giving thanks to God for another year of life and the continued prosperity of the family and community.